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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  July 30, 2014 10:00pm-11:01pm EDT

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we're back friday with a new show, government secrets utalk about conspiracy theories. i am kennedy thank you. lou: good evening, house just moments ago voteed to authorize house speaker john boehner to move ahead with his lawsuit against president obama, that accuses the president of abusing his authority, and illegally,y delaying a key portion of obamacare, me murrah passed -- measure passed in a largely party line consolidate vote, 225-201. after heated speeches on the floor. >> the republican majority in in house was built on opposition to the affordable care act, and yet
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it stands, the fact that st stands make the republican leadership do desperate things. >> republican house, is about to go out for 5 weeks, but first they will sue the president, and hope we don't pay attention to unfinished business of the country. >> this is one of many areas he has abused executive authority with latest abuse leading up to the current border crisis. >> we should not be socal us as to not defend your article 1 power simply because the president belongs to one party. lou: calling the vote a waste of of time, and a waste. taxpayer money. >> we could do so much more, if congress would come on, and help out a little bit. just come on. come on help out a little bit. stop being mad all the time.
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stop. stop just -- stop just hating all the time. come on. let's get some work done. lou: wow, despite the president's scolding his these these at recs and -- theatrics to get work his white house insisting that legislation be negateed. a crisis on southern border that some say is of the president's making, in a statement white house said, republicans released patchwork legislation that will put more atrary and unrealistic demands on an all right broken system. a system that the president, had 5 1/2 years now to fix.
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wild talk that up with house. >> you gish arejudiciary commit, saying that the border crises is a disaster of the president's own making and we're joined by oklahoma governor, calling on the president to end secrecy surrounding illegal immigrant children that the federal government is sending to states across the country, including her own, oklahoma. no ceasefire in sight in gaza, former israeli deputy defense secretary, and stphep knesset mr the be here. >> a new associated press jfk patrol said that two-thirds of americans say that il illegal immigration is a serious problem for united states, and shows 41% approve -- 31% approve of
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president's handles of the border crisis down from 38% in may, and 68% disapprove. our next guest supports house border bill, he opposed are the executive actions of mr. obama, joining us congressman gobe bob -- bob good lot. good to have with us. start with the lawsuit resolution, john boehner now has the authority to express support of his conference as well as house to move lady, what happens -- move ahead, what happens next. >> what happens next is that the sometimes in next couple months, lawsuit will be filed, and searched on the executive branch, asking the court to step in and rule on which has the authority to legislate. the legislative branch, congress, or the president of the united states who has taken
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his pen and cell phone, and rewritten many laws, one of which is more than 40 changes he has made to obamacare, this is a carefully targets lawsuit to a n one entire body of congress in this case house, votes to say that their legislative authority is being trampleed on and court to step in decide who it is that has power t to take these actio. lou: some democrats as you know say this is a prelude to imminent am proceedings? any -- impeachment proceedings. >> the truth is that congress has a number of powers it can her sue in checks and balances, this is one in my opinion when that been neglected away to resolve the dispute, 52. woulimpeachment would not resolve this dispute.
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lou: let's turn to an area which have you been, a remarkable leader, on the issue, that is illegal immigration, and a response to it, the white house today saying it will vote veto that $659 million border crisis bill that republicans are putting forward, how do you respond? >> well, i think that is ridiculous. this is a crisis as you noteed earlier in program, is created by this administration. by the president, taking his pen and his phone, and creating administrative legalization that now advertiseed down in central america. and saying if you too come to the u.s. u.s. and tender they will let you -- to the united states and enter the united states they will let you stay, the president has a whole host of things he could do without legislative act to solve that problem starting by just saying, if you come to united states
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illegally you will be sent moment, don't waste your money, don't risk your live, and he could dop doing these -- he could stop doing these administrate of actions he could call out the national guard, there is a long list. if he was enforcing the law, as he is not doing, he would find he needs more money to send people home, and to detain people, not allow them to be released into the interior. and there are tweaks to current law he would need to have to fully enforce it that is what this bill is about that we intend to pass through house tomorrow, to show that we're doing our job, even if the president is not doing his job. >> family, discomputer between -- fundamentally, the dispute between congress and president is over whether he will ep force law. in particular il immigration lae
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it clear he will not. >> we're on verge of watching the president, basically subvert the lay in this case, second -- let's see, it is u.s. code second 1325. which requires, that a person be punished and that the laws being enforceed for illegal entry into this country, importanteshed by the way, by a fine, and inprison am. people use expression a president who is lawless in a sense he will not enforce the laws, as required by the
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conchstutioconstution ofthe uni. >> in a whole host of different areas, our drug laws, environmental laws, laws regarding disclosure of negotiated deals with regard to release of suspected terrorists. all of these things, are matters where this president is exceeding his authority, that is why it is important for congress to stand up use various checks that we have against the president in a situation like this, that can be effective i believe that lawsuit, it could take a long time, has no certain outcome, is important. not just for this president, but for presidents following afterwards, because, if this president, can do the things he is doing now, he and future and other presidents who follow,
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will think they can do anything, and repbgder th the renders conf little means and the legislative branch will go into a death skpaoeuspiral. lou: yes. a lawsuit of a uncertain outcome, and a lengthy process, no one knows wher where the resolution would be reached in our judicial system. we have midterm elections, a president who is ruling by fiat, a man who is ruling, not governing, no was contemplateed by those who crafted our constitution. >> elect election have conseque, we're suffering those consequences of past elections, i hope that this will be an election that clarifys some of these issues, if for example,
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the president's party no longer controls the united states senate, i think that there would be a more economy fifth check on this -- effective check he is abusing, right now we have 3252 bills in senate -- 352 bills in senate one that makes it easier to get court to disease these cases and expedite the amount of time it takes, but that is on harry reid's desk and more than 3 fifth other bills, so -- 350 other bills, if we are able to take the next step, and pass these bills also through senate then put them on president's desk, he might sign some. but if he didn't he would spell out for american people what needs to be done, what is not being done and show highest differences, one legislativ legislativeproach, and second a
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president who said if you don't do it i will, but he can't cite the authority to do it. it. lou: prob of the problem, your speaker said he would go along with president on comprehensive imtkpwraoeubimmigration reformso moaned -- bemoaned many in his own conference -- mocking their lack of courage, now we're in a defineing moment in midterms are republicans so different from president when your speaker embraceing the very law thaty is money conservatives -- that so many conservatives and many in your membership said they would not want going to do with it,
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they don't trust the manore the issue. >> immigration reform needs it be condition in a step by step faction, starting with enforcing the law, and making sure we have necessary new laws, that will make sure that people don't get jobs who are not entitleed to the job, and people in interior, who are here unlawfully are not allowed to stay, there is a clear majority in the house, that wants to accomplish that, that is what we're about doing. i think that the speaker of the house has been listening to those voices. lou: congressman thank you so much. >> thank you, lou. lou: chairman of house judiciary committee, house republicans today release new e-mails by ormeer irs official lois lerner, in which she called conservative republicans quote, crazys and a-holes, lawmakers say that e-mails written in 2012, show
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lerner's clear contempt for conservatives she is accused of targeting. as a leader of the internal revenue service. >> a new government watch dog report, pinning blame for obama carry botched roll out, on, obama administration itself. that according to the associated press, which obtained a copy of a new government accountability office report that will be released tomorrow, finding they kept changings orders for contractor who built health care. gov, and added tens of millions of dollars to cost of what turned out to issue be a boondoggle. so far total cost $840 million, and still does not work. >> coming up, a report on
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outbreak of a deadly disease, spreading perhaps to europe, and america from africa. lou: up next, he was fired as the israeli deputy defense minister for criticizeing benjamin netanyahu's handles of the deadly attacks, danny next. [ shutter clicks ] hi there! [ laughs ] i'm flo! i know! i'm going to get you your rental car. this is so ridiculous. we're going to manage your entire repair process from paperwork to pickup, okay, little tiny baby? your car is ready, and your repairs are guaranteed for as long as you own it. the progressive service center -- a real place, where we really manage your claim from start to finish. really. ♪ easy as easy can be
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including postage and a digital scale. ♪ i voted for culture... ...with a 'k.' how are you? i voted for plausible deniability. i didn't kill her, david. and i voted for decisive military action. ♪ america, you cast your votes. now, go to xfinity on demand and select the people's hotlist to see this summer's top 100 shows and movies. i voted! lou: fighting in gaza rages on despite what was a 4-hour humanitarian ceasefire, called by israel, which was dismissed by hamas. fighting now more than 3 weeks
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long. joining us live from tell arrive, former deputy defense secretary knesset member, danny danon. it is good to have with you us, start by effort to destroy tunnels and rockets and arsenal that hamas has within gaza. how successful, have the israeli defense forces been? and are you gratifyed by the progress? >> good evening, lou. good to be on your show again, we're working in gaza, it is not easy, it will be thousands of tunnels beneath the border, that go through communities, we're working hard, but we know we have to finish the work, we have a lot of pressure coming on us from u.s. administration, secretary kerry, president obama. that we have to finishes work to
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find the tunnels, and make sure hamas, is not going to start the next conflict in months. lou: are you personally stunned, surprised, that the obama administration would ask the government of israel to end its offensive against hamas targets in gaza, because the president of united states would like there to be a ceasefire without any strategic -- support from this administration for the straepblic bstrategic objectivee israeli government here? >> i heard the white house say today, they demand, unconditional ceasefire, i asked myself, what does that mean? we leave the tunnels in tact? we left missiles where they are? what do they want us to do. when obama was a candidate in 2008 he came to israel, he said if he was liveing in israel, and
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someone would send a missile to his house while his family was sleeping he would do whatever was necessary to fight back, that is what we're doing now, i have two daughters myself as home, sleeping we have to answer shelter every night, we're fighting back we're expecting our strongest allie to stand with us, not put pressure on us, we need to fight with the hamas, not to negotiate, not to sign a cease-fire. lou: it is perhaps i will ask, is it strange to you more pressure is comeing from the obama administration than as has been historically the case, from the european friends of israel, who often want israel to not defend itself, to constrain itself, it seems thas that obama administration is even though they give lip service to israel's right to defend itself,
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that is an interesting characterization, anyway. it is a necessity for israel to defind. and european phases are more supports of israel in this conflict of the u.s., is that a misperception? >> i think it is an insult for us, when we hear secretary kerry, equal israel and the hamas, we're not the same, like tell you lou that al qaeda and u.s. or the same level, this is a terrorist negotiation, you don't negotiate, you fight with it. what he is pecking from us to do with hamas, negotiate? do you not negotiate with terrorists, you fight them, do you not beg for a ceasefire, you make them beg for a ceasefire. that is why, yes we're disappointed from that obama administration. lou: the israelis, made it clear, that the government
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objected to qatar, and turkey being included in the considering and deli deliberati, and talks by obama administration egis egist push - egypt pushed far aside as was ela do you believe that united states needs to reconsider who it bridges into the talks, namely the with which, raise had constructive -- israel has had constructive ditive discussd a framework for further discussions and egypt. do you see egypt as a prefered partner. >> ejust egypt is a major playn our region, and a crucial player, and secretary kerry made
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another mace take mistake by asg qatar and turk to move into negotiation, kwa qatar of sendig manmoney for hamas, and the tun, and missile. i think, even secretary kerry will agree that egypt is the key player in terms of future negotiations in region, and maybe one day, future peace agreement, regarding gaza, we need egypt to be involve stphaod all right. thank you, danny d danon. >> thank you very much lou. lou: coming up next, a dangerous, deadly virus spreading out of control in part of africa, could it find its way to america? the full report on the ebola virus, and largest outbreak in history. and i'll tell you why the president, well perhaps, we should look at him as the
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president of no. coming right back.
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lou: well, president obama has certainly opened up our borders and turn our immigration laws on their head. coming up tonight, we will be talking about the border crisis. as governors pressed the obama white house for the secrecy and they're sending children apprehended on the border to the state duma will be talking with the governor of oklahoma tonight know. first, if he starts on the president-elect and of no. president obama today taking great credit for our economy's second quarter rebound growing at a 4% pace in the three months immediately after a week first quarter. the president also taking the opportunity to slam republicans, as he often does, telling a very receptive crowd in kansas city to just imagine how much charter of economy would be if congress would only do what he tells them
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to. >> we could do so much more if congress would just come on and help of a little bit come on. come on and help battle the bins . stop being mad all the time. is the chief of they said no to copay, making sure that women have the ability to make sure that they are getting paid the same as men for doing the same job. no for fixing a broken immigration system. lou: i think we should point out , the white house has made clear that it has the greatest disparity in the petty of women's from the pearl of this administration.
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and it is a strange little piece of theatrics the president was indulging in there, wasn't as? president may call republicans the party of no, but it is clear mr. obama has become the president of note, as he did. i would like to know list numbs. he says no to a border crisis legislation proposed by congress, threatening his request for supplemental funding to deal with the crisis. he says no to enforcing immigration laws better but he refuses to enforce laws with which he takes any exception. the president says no to respecting the constitution and its clear limits on his executive powers. mr. obama says no to deport him millions of illegal immigrants who have broken our loss and to then demand both amnesty and accommodation at the citizens would ever consider even thinking about.
10:31 pm
and now president says no to some of the mandates in his signature law. president obama's says note to applying obamacare uniformly to all citizens and all organizations. president obama says no to congress refusing to notify congress before releasing a five taliban members from guantanamo in exchange for sergeant upper don't even though the law requires and to do so. he says no to enforcing federal marijuana laws in states like colorado and washington even though the u.s. criminal code requires those laws be enforced, as is the constitution. the language he used in today's veto would threat of the house is three and six in nine border crespo was one to put it simply priceless. edwin one arbitrary and unrealistic demands on our nation's immigration system. i guess 90,000 unaccompanied
10:32 pm
children showing up on our border at his invitation does not do either of those things. and that man has no sense of irony. he is the master of arbitrary. he is the perfect picture of when. mr. obama, your attorney general has called us a nation of cowards when it comes to race him and he has proceeded to demonstrate his own. mr. obama, now you accuse republicans of wind. [inaudible] all the time with the clear implication that they are aiding you would most certainly don't. i am sure what they actually do hate is your inability to govern, your lack of and your lack of openness and
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transparency, our constitution, and our children's future. i don't know if our presence is anyone, but he certainly is not clear and unambiguous about who and what it is he does love. he is certainly not clear about why he holds some of our values, some of our traditions as a nation in such low personal regard. that is a shame, and i think shameful. we are coming right back in new york state, we're changing the way we do business, with startup ny. we've created tax free zones throughout the state. and startup ny companies will be investing hundreds of millions of dollars in jobs and infrastructure. thanks to startup ny, businesses can operate tax free for 10 years. no property tax. no business tax. and no sales tax. which means more growth for your business, and more jobs. it's not just business as usual.
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♪ lou: my next guest wants president obama to end his secrecy surrounding the use of our military facilities around the nation. one of those facilities is located in oklahoma, and we are joined by the state's governor.
10:37 pm
governor, great to have you with us. let's turn -- you have no notification of any kind from any one of the federal government that this was going to happen to? >> we heard from back channels over a month ago that we were going to be receiving children. we received about 1200 initially maybe up to 1800. i have asked for account. ashley 12 to 17. i cannot get an accurate count. ask where they are from poor read a cannot get the names of the countries they are from. children from india and then i have been told there were 212 children placed in a, with other sponsors or a relative of some sort. so why the secrecy? give us the information.
10:38 pm
i just read through back channels a couple days ago that they have extended the contract even though just a week ago last tuesday when i was on a call with health and human services secretary that they would give us more information. yet here they extend the contract and that greeted in the paper this morning. lou: some of your congressman have tried to get in buried at least one of them did. we have heard all sorts of stories, not only from the ford but various other bases around the country in which state authority, state government has no role apparently in finding out about the welfare of these children. yet the child protective services, the child welfare services across this nation are local agencies. how in the world are we to be confident that those children are being cared for properly, sponsors are appropriate and that there is a follow-up to make certain that these people are not just after the $7,000 a
10:39 pm
month that the federal government is paying them to take on one of these children. >> that is the point of why the secrecy? what is the end game? what are we trying to accomplish with this temecula is the information. the governors had these migrant children in their state. we need to know what is going got. going to our schools, entering into society, families. how do we know these families will be the right families. we have been told that some families are here illegally we just can't get any information. we think we have a right to know. our taxpayers. the families that they are going to, the sponsors they're going to don't have health care, they will show up at our emergency room, health care facilities. in fact, white after we receive our first half migrant children, i did take my health and human
10:40 pm
services secretary to make sure that they were properly taken care of and get the house that they needed to message and secure and at appropriate facilities. i saw what they wanted me to see . lou: let me ask you this, what can you do about it, what can the citizens of oklahoma do about it? what can any governor committee citizen of any state in this country do about a president who has decided to bring in an endless -- apparently there is no end in sight, an endless stream of minor illegal immigrants and place them wherever this president chooses anywhere, of course, but washington d.c. or, perhaps, beverly hills or westchester county, new york. being placed in places that are not applicable and in which there is a seemingly little interest in stopping this
10:41 pm
practice. >> first and foremost, the president is responsible these young gina -- teenagers coming across the border illegally. also of the adults that are coming across. not only children but adults. in to the united states. we sent a message through president obama. you want to come to the united states you can come across. we will give you food, shelter, housing, health care, no questions asked. so he created this crisis. send a signal. we can do is demand accountability, keep the pressure of. i started an on-line petition in the state of oklahoma. now over 4,000 people have signed up. no amnesty. close the facility. we have laws on the books in the united states, the united states
10:42 pm
constitution. of all laws of our nation. enforce the constitution. people want to emigrate, they can't. we have a way for people to do that. america has been strong because the immigrants that have come to the united states legally we support. but we have to enforce the laws of our nation. lou: you think it is occurring to most people that this is now a government that is -- it is now truly a president who is ruling by fiat. he is more a ruler than a president. he is not accountable to congress, the american people, to courts, not accountable to states. why is there even a residual amount of confidence on anyone's part that this president can be stopped? i don't see anyone succeeding in doing so.
10:43 pm
>> i think he is going to do what he wants to do. it is very disappointing that things are not happening. congress is getting ready to go on their august recess. but when the republicans and democrats, the house and the senate. they're scheduled to leave. he knows whether there will get anything done or not. and that is why the american people are losing confidence. losing congress to of confidence in the president. lou: all due respect, they have lost confidence in this president to more than 70%. absolutely it is great to have year. >> thank you. lou: time now for a look at our online poll results. we asked whether the president explained to your satisfaction why we should give amnesty to illegal immigrants. 98 percent of you said no. be sure to vote in our poll tonight. the question, do you think
10:44 pm
granting amnesty to potential millions of illegal immigrants there an executive order amounts to an impeachable offense? for we would like to know what you think. cast your vote. up next, new fears that one of the deadliest viruses on this planet is moving closer to america. a full report on ebola. when folks think about what they get from alaska, they think salmon and energy. but the energy bp produces up here creates something else as well: jobs all over america. engineering and innovation jobs. advanced safety systems & technology. shipping and manufacturing. across the united states, bp supports more than a quarter million jobs.
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lou: w fears of the deadly ebola virus spreading from the outbreak in africa to around the world to america. fox news correspondent with our report on the contagion on the verge of a breakout. >> the 1200 confirmed cases of ebola in west africa so far, and the outbreak is spreading. come to europe. allocating more money and resources to fight the disease.
10:48 pm
british foreign secretary has a meeting of the crisis management and cities? -- committee. >> we will make the above recommendations. >> three countries. last friday patrick sawyer, an american of liberian dissented contracted ebola died. >> this president is going to be -- >> did not even know he had a blowout. >> died from ebola weeks earlier . >> a major cause for concern as fears of a global an outbreak continue to grow. >> we think that it can't come
10:49 pm
to the u.s. and that is another fear of mine. we have already lost patrick. we're losing tons of people there. we don't need that killer to come here as well. >> to american aid workers in liberia who contracted the virus are said to be in serious condition. >> thank you. lou: to sue the president, two of america's favorite radio talk show hosts will join us here next. wondering what that is? that, my friends, is everything. and with the quicksilver card from capital one, you earn unlimited 1.5% cash back on everything you purchase. not just "everything at the hardware store." not "everything, until you hit your cash back limit." quicksilver can earn you unlimited 1.5% cash back on everything you could possibly imagine.
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lou: joining us now, a houston news radio 740 talk-show host to
10:53 pm
stations. for crying out loud. tom sullivan here with me in new york. good to have you both. let's focus on one thing. that is, why isn't the president enforcing laws, securing the border, why is there such a gap between what he says and what happens? >> why isn't anybody? i am more than happy to put the president in the front of the line. it is his job. their responsibility, and i was wondering when rick perry was going to do something. i know it will cost a lot of money command and know what is a federal issue, but at the same time, if you're going to protect your state is in the national guard worked for governor -- missed it up and cheered when he finally said find bluebead we will send the national guard down to the border. lou: of this cost governor perry ? >> i think it raises his stock.
10:54 pm
and i believe that the governor now is looking far more presidential that he did last time. texas we understand, we have got to protect the border. this is our responsibility. i was down there a couple of weeks ago. i saw what they see. you're absolutely right. this president refuses to enforce federal law. in texas, we have taken it upon ourselves to do what the president refuses to do. he refuses to even come here and see what the problem is. >> the next shoe to drop on that one, and i can hardly wait to see what happens, as governor perry said, he will file a lawsuit and send a bill the washington d.c. i think he should. i would like to see when that comes back -- let the courts get involved on this. lou: our attorney general has already suggested he will be doing that.
10:55 pm
we are looking at $100 million that texas will have to come up with because this was a refuses to enforce federal law i am abuse in a way because no one is asking, where is jerry brown or governor martinez mom,n brodeur, have they been so intimidated that they have disappeared, lost their voices ? i just believe there is something afoot here. it is ugly for america. those three governors have been absolutely inseminated. >> follow the money. lou: i wish i would have thought about that. who look at the business they do with mexico. the one thing that would be simple to do. mexico, you are in between us and with this problem is coming from. do something or we are going to
10:56 pm
start cracking the whip on trade. we are not doing any of that. that is where the money is. >> you have got to understand, we do business with mexico and texas as well, but we understand one thing. in texas we have to protect texans. that is what he's doing. that is what these border agent trying to do. we hear this nonsense about this humanitarian crisis. these people are coming across the border. they have been coached. this gang violence nonsense has been exaggerated. everyone coming across the border says i'm fleeing gang violence. it is simply not true. lou: and let's be clear, what we are witnessing is corruption, not just in northern mexico, which we are accustomed to, but watching corruption in washington d.c. and the southern part of our country. when we say there is border corrupting, it is on both sides and getting worse.
10:57 pm
pablo being intimidated, taking money, and i have to tell you, and it will eat the heart and soul of this country. we have to go thank you. good to have you with us
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friday night, buddy. you are gonna need a wingman. and my cash back keeps the party going.
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but my airline miles take it worldwide. [ male announcer ] it shouldn't be this hard. with, it's easy to search hundreds of cards and apply online. . neil: that one still gets me. maybe the video of the illegals protesting outside the white house for rights they're not entitled to clinched it. americans have had enough of it, sick of it. and today, the stunning poll that proves it. welcome, everybody, i'm neil cavuto, and mr. president, read it and weep. 7 out of 10 americans think your immigration policy can take a flying leap. a new gallup poll says 66% of americans disapprove of your border mess and keeps getting costlier, something that won't make the n


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